We are a quality health food supplements provider that is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and we have provided health food supplements since 2001.
Following its success in independent health food stores and groceries, David Health International is seeking placement and for which it offers the following benefits:

  • Portfolio of high-value products designed for retail

  • More than 90 % products with NPNs; all products have pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with demonstrated safety and efficacy. (Natural Product Number (NPN): is an eight digit numerical code following the acronym NPN assigned to each natural health product approved to be marketed under the Natural Health Products (NHP's) Regulations)

  • Products provide a unique blend of Eastern medicine and Western science

  • Customer loyalty with repeat buyers (the average lifetime value of these customers is considerable)

  • Proven infrastructure capable of supporting national retail chains

  • Strong marketing and sales support for retailers, including national magazine advertising and point-of-sale promotions

  • Eight years of demonstrated success in niche health food stores and groceries

  • We will help educate retailers by providing information on all products

  • David Health International is a Canadian health food manufacturer that was established in the year 2002. However, it was in 2005 that the first original product was produced and marketed. David Health International had a passion for nutritious foods and it was this passion that translated itself into the company that has grown today. We are a reputable firm with high moral values. This is attested to by the large number of satisfied retailers across Canada and the U.S.A., which we have been servicing over the past eight years. This is also an indication that our products are desirable to customers and that they are pure, safe and effective.

    Our health food products are specially selected and tested and we are constantly upgrading the quality of our product lines in order to meet today’s market requirements. Over the past eight years, we have provided strong marketing support to help drive sales at retail. We have provided sales information to stores in the form of flyers, brochures, banner stands as well as banners themselves. Co-op advertising has always been encouraged as well.

    Many of our products are in fact differentiated from other supplements on the market. It is also in this very diverse and demanding marketplace over the past several years that David Health International has had a proven track record. We are now looking to direct our sales activities into the larger markets. We anticipate that by providing premium products with extremely high margins; this will help make our entry into these markets a rewarding one for the retail stores as well as for ourselves.

    With our years of success in health food markets, our natural and organic food and supplements product lines have since grown exponentially. It is our belief that by continuing to provide good quality products and excellent service to retailers across Canada, our goal will be met successfully. This is to achieve long term relationships with our customers, while at the same time, provide a high standard of quality health food products.

    Our mission is to assist our customers with the best quality, service and price. Our pledge is to keep up with the latest information about current market trends and the latest research, and to share this knowledge with our valued customers.

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